This common Joomla error message, JLIB_APPLICATION_ERROR_COMPONE​NT_NOT_LOADING,  is often seen on the front end and administration area. (Fig.1)

To many users, this warning fills the user with dread, not knowing the cause and looks as if something is seriously wrong. Also, it also appears on the front end of the website, in a prominent position, which spoils the design layout. Website visitors may well think there is a functional problem, causing them to leave the website.


Hibu Shaft Shareholders

I previously wrote about Yell in an article in 2010 lamenting the corperate fools in charge who were running the famous directory business into the ground, turning a £5bn market valuation to £4m in a little under 5 years. (Although, possibly to call them fools is not appropriate because as usual, these corperate types take their stock options, high salaries and seemingly carry no responsibility when their mismanagement railroads` the business.)


Why Yell Won`t Last the Decade

A replublished article first published in 2010.

Website designers in Kent, UK have responded to some of Yell`s marketing tactics trying to sign up new clients. The local Kent firms say that Yell`s marketing teams have been claiming “a special relationship with Google” in phone cold calling in its efforts to win new business. Such claims to clients are misleading and unhelpful. The Kent business has a recorded transcript of the telephone calls and is alarmed at the wording being used.


The Evolution of Online Advertising

In the beginning of targeted online advertising, there were banner ads. As many people recall, these were supposed to drive the Internet marketing industry in its infancy. Scads of publishers paid scads of money based on a CPI (cost per impression) model or simply paid huge dollars for banner ads and other targeted online advertising on well-trafficked sites.


Google Content Network Remarketing

Need advice regarding your Google Adwords campaign? I have recovered and rescued a number of Adwords campaigns from disaster for UK businesses. Generally, small business make the first mistake of accepting the Google Adwords keyword suggestions and this often makes the companies bid on keywords that are too broad and not niche or longtail, which is where the money for any online business.

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