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Need advice regarding your Google Adwords campaign? I have recovered and rescued a number of Adwords campaigns from disaster for UK businesses. Generally, small business make the first mistake of accepting the Google Adwords keyword suggestions and this often makes the companies bid on keywords that are too broad and not niche or longtail, which is where the money for any online business.

Here is one great tip you can implement yourself. It isn't rocket science and can be all done through Google Adwords new groundbreaking remarketing feature. The TIP: Cookie your sites visitors so you can show them YOUR ads to them on ANY site in the Google Content Network Remarketing.  It's a groundbreaking new feature from Google Adwords. It allows you to follow ( or "stalk") your prospects/visitors around the web.

They visit your website, then tag/cookie them when they reach your desired page.  Finally, you can show ads to them on ANY site on the
Google content/display network. Sounds great.  But, how can you use it NOW?

So how do enable remarking?

Here are the steps:

1. Log into your Google Adwords account
2. Click on the CAMPAIGNS tab located on the top
3. On the right hand column, you will see a link called "Control Panel & Library". Click that.
4. On the right hand column you will see a link called "Audiences". Click that.
5. On the main window screen, you will see an icon called "New Audience". Click that and select "Remarketing List"
6. Name your remarketing list, Describe it and put 540 days in the Membership Duration & Click SAVE
7. Underneath, you will notice a row with the new remarketing list you just created. Click on the Remarketing list name under Tag/Rules and copy and paste that tag on your web page or entire website. Paste it before the </body> tag.

In essense, what you have just done is that you have now created a way to re-target the marketing message to your visitors around the web. Since Google Content Network reaches 80% of all internet traffic, chances are that 8 out 10 places your visitors visits will show your remarketing ads.

How cool is that?

You don't even have to turn on your adwords traffic to build this list. Any traffic to your site will place those visitors on your remarketing list. All you have to do is create a new campaign using banners and text ads to target them with various messages to either come back to your site or other sites.

Providing Adwords consultancy advice to the UK is all part of the service. Contact me today to see if I can help.


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