Need a Video for your Website?

Video says so much more than the written word. Apart from being very engaging, it can be used to explain in great detail a service or product. This is why YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world. Ask yourself this question: Why does YouTube get so many visitors if video wasnt such a great impelling way of communicating?

Video marketing is suited to ALL types of business. Whether its selling a new product, an How To Do Instruction or discussion on a technical topic, it will keep vistors on your site. It makes you an authority on the subject and as the Internet is all about Information Resources, build an element of trust between the website and its vistors wanting to find good information.

With basic digital cameras being able to take web sized video formats and the abundance of free software to create a video presentation, there are no real obstacles stopping even modest amatuer attempts from being published.

We can convert your existing video footage or photographs, add text overlays or effects and provide many suitable out put formats (MP4 (h.264), WebM, FLV, WMV, OGG) for use on websites, Youtube or Vimeo.

This article is a short overview of how video can work for you.


Garrett Welding

A private, online community of beginner welders who are learning how to MIG weld from home, in their spare time.

Fred In The Shed

Fred In The Shed, the free to use nationwide car auction in which you create your very own trading networks.


Bethany Lodge & Bethany House Care home with Nursing for adults with a physical disability Based at Dymchurch, south east kent.


Intro video for Kent Cakes Ltd.


ClearSmart specializes in clearing personal & small business courier shipments over the border (ex. UPS, FedEx, DHL).