This common Joomla error message, JLIB_APPLICATION_ERROR_COMPONE​NT_NOT_LOADING,  is often seen on the front end and administration area. (Fig.1)

To many users, this warning fills the user with dread, not knowing the cause and looks as if something is seriously wrong. Also, it also appears on the front end of the website, in a prominent position, which spoils the design layout. Website visitors may well think there is a functional problem, causing them to leave the website.


Fig. 1

Do not worry, nothing serious will happen to the existing functionality.

The causes are often the following.

  1. Uninstalling a component but the associated plug-ins are not uninstalled (Poor installer script)
  2. Installing a component or plug-in and the necessary file or folder permissions are not set adequately on the server (CHMOD)
  3. Installation script error
  4. Cloning a website onto a new server manually. (Experienced users)

How to Fix

1. Log-in to the administration back end and choose the Extension Manager: Manage tab. (Fig.2)

Here, it is best to look at the Extension Name and Author columns to see if there is any associated plugin left over from the uninstalling of the component. If not the name is apparent, more than likely the Author will be easier to spot. Tick the check box the offending plug-in and click uninstall from the top right icon menu.

2. Check your file and folder permissions are working on the server. You may get messages such as "Unable to create target folder"
or "JError: Unable to load Database Driver: mysql_XXXX". Ask your hosting provider check for you if you are not sure.

3. Contact the Component software provider to let them know the installation errors. They will provide a soliution.

4. Cloned website; this problem happens when a component exists in the database, but not on the filesystem, since there is a relationship between the filesystem and the database. You should check to see which component existed on the old website but no longer exists on the new website.

Extention Manager










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