Affordable Web Design

Affordable Web Design KentChris Longley Digital Media offers you a choice of affordable options relative to your online requirements. Whether a basic brochure web site, marketing your business web site or fully fledged online sales with a complete marketing plan, we can help.

We like to offer a free consultation to hear just how your think your web site should look, feel and work. We want to discuss with you where you want to position your site in the niche where you belong. From there, we will advise you the best option for your company.

We understand that local businesses need to keep a tight reign on financial expenditure whilst getting very best return on captial employed. (After all we`re in business too.) That`s why we feel we can offer effective online marketing at an affordable price, ensuring your sales enquiries are tailored to your industry. I suggest that you read our Guide to types of web site to get some idea of what site is best for you.

What type of development do you need?

These web sites are really just another form of business card. Business cards not marketed as such to generate sales as compared to other popular advertising methods. So, a few companies, happy to live on reputation and other marketing leads, only require an online presence to offer contact information and a general overview of the business.
These sites can be categorised as advertising online. You have a Service to offer and you wish to advertise your business locally or nationally. Your web site is there to target the customers in your niche and to bring in sales for the business. These sites need a little extra marketing in the right places, but generally if done correctly can generate excellent returns.
A business wants to sell goods or merchandise online to the consumer. These sites are a little more involved because the business owner has to have a lot of input on a daily basis. Such sites are programed to take sales and customer details, store them in a database, process payments through the site and also integrate the finances for accounting puposes. Many companies use online sales sites as an add-on to the main high street retail business they operate. Often though, if successful, this way of selling becomes a seperate operation due to the fact it is really like running another business full time.
Content Management (CMS)
CMS web sites are usually the domain of the larger organisation where vast information resources have to be shared throught the business. These sites are often run on internal Intranet sites for employee use. However, some companies use CMS for sales and marketing purposes and most CMS systems have evolved to generate content and sales functions in the same package.
Blogging or Blog, an abbreviation for Web Log, are web sites similar to content management system (CMS) sites. The easy installation and automatic functions running these sites are popular for individuals and smaller companies. Blogs are ideal for communicating ideas, thoughts and even products in a way where others can give feedback and interact with the content. The development of the Web 2.0 Internet and need for web sites to communicate information to customers, Blogs are ideal. Being especially designed to feed news or information to News sites or Home computers directly using RSS feeds, making it a powerful, interactive communication tool.

Web 2.0 - what does that mean?. Web 2.0 is all about social interaction with each other. Web sites which have a social impact with sharing and making information. Otherwise known as Social Media.