Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why advertise on the Internet?

    A. Almost 75% of homes and 95% of business have a computer with an Internet connection and use it to search for goods and services. A business can no longer ignore the potential for earning from advertising with a website. People are searching 24 hours a day for local Services just like your company provide.

  • We do not sell goods but only offer our business Services

    A. It is proven that people search for Services just as much as for goods. Builders, Gardeners, etc and all types of local services are searched for in good numbers.

  • We do not have a computer in our business

    A. You do not need a computer. The ideal situation is where people search online for your niche service, find your website and contact you by telephone. Most website enquiries result in a face-to-face meeting to quote for work.

  • What are the costs?

    A. For a standard website offering your company services the cost are approximately £700 to £800 one off fee. For that your website is online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The fee also includes 1-year free marketing strategy. Year 2 and each subsequent year there is just a charge of £150 for hosting and administration.

  • How would my website attract customers?

    A. I analyse exactly what people are searching for. The search engines hold a record of the volume of search phrases or keywords. By targeting the keywords that people actually type, rather than guessing, it is possible to lever your website to the forefront of results. This is called Relevancy. Matching searches to website content.

  • What information do I need to supply for a website?

    A. The most obvious information is the company details and contact details. Normally you can supply wholesaler or manufacturer literature to provide content for your services if they involve items you use in your business. i.e. types of flooring products if you are a flooring installer. Other important information is your Unique Selling Point whether it is a guarantee or customer service levels. Almost certainly, customer testimonials and pictorial evidence of work is a must. The aim is to convince people to use your business over the competition. On the Internet, Content, is King.

  • How much can I expect to earn from a website?

    A. This depends on your market and how many searches are being made. I appraise the right market to approach if your services cover more than one service. Some markets are still strong others are falling. This would apply to any advertising media. Generally, people find a return on the website within 6 months. The rest is profit. Six figure sums can be achieved over time.

  • How long does the website take to design?

    A. Typically it takes a few weeks to collate information, product content, edit pictures and set up marketing links. Then the website goes live and alterations can be made if necessary.