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When it comes to web hosting for Kent companies, Linux is widely considered to be the best operating system for web servers. Characteristically reliable, stable and efficient, Linux is proven in the most demanding environments of web and mail servers.

PHP, Perl or MySQL languages, Linux is the solution you should choose. Linux is also ideal for the kind of websites that display information as a brochure, in newsletter format or as data sheets. Linux works well for brochure-ware sites that offer interaction via enquiry forms, online purchasing and other e-commerce functions.

Connectivity is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing your web host. We have access to over 40 Gbit of external connectivity meaning more people can reach and interact with your website at lightning speed. Juniper M-series and Cisco GSR 12000 Routers are handling traffic of your Website simultaneously. If we?re updating one of the systems or it is experiencing specific problems, units of the other vendor will take over. In the event the grid is down, five huge 16-cylinder diesel generators supply constant, reliable power for all systems.

Our Data Centres use Symantec CarrierScan to automatically check e-mails at the border of the 1&1 network, well before they reach your inbox. If a virus is detected, the attachment is removed and you receive e-mail notification so you can contact the sender.

The difference between just 99.9% and 99.99% is minutes compared to hours, so why make do with an up-time guarantee that can leave you wide open to being offline for hours! Our Data Centre ensures that your website is housed in the most advanced web hosting environment. All customer data is protected by fully redundant firewalls with an 100 Mbps connection of individual servers within the Data Centre.